Poultry Farms (PTY) Ltd was established in the year 2008. We are a company specialized in the automatic and modernization of poultry farm and agriculture.We have our own R&D team on our factory. We make sure all the design is scientific and reasoble , help you save money on running your chicken farm.As a farming equipment developer & manufacturer & service supplier.We hope what we do can help and promote the poultry farming development in local , let people have enough meat and egg to eat. Further more ,reduce and eliminate poor and hungry in the world , let life better, let this world prosperity freedom and justice.

“We Supply Eggs,Chickens,Chicks,Broiler Cages and Chicken feeds.”

Sandra Files

Hybrid Chickens

COPPER STAR HYBRID – R90.00 HEN SIZE: Medium COLOUR: Glossy black with a beetle green sheen & varying amounts of copper neck feathers. 

Ross & Cobb

Our chicken will stay a minimum of 2 days and a Maximum of 1week before start laying once you start feeding them with the MASH LAYER FEED. 

Free Range Large Eggs 30

The vegetarian diet of grains and pulses that our free range hens feed freely on contains no artificial