Hybrid Chickens

COPPER STAR HYBRID – R90.00 HEN SIZE: Medium COLOUR: Glossy black with a beetle green sheen & varying amounts of copper neck feathers

Barbu Du Grubbe

The Barbu du Grubbe is a rumpless version of the Barbu D’Anvers and was developed around 1904 in Belgium.

Broiler Chicks

At three weeks, the chicks are moved to the production houses, which were once the stables. They remain there until they are ready for slaughter. … Most broiler systems utilise a finisher product in the final week before slaughter, which is meant to add a last layer of fat to the bird

Silver Barnevelder

The silver lacing is beginning to show in the feathers. The bird has all the natural traits of the Barnevelder breed, it is bright, amicable, sociable, it is inquisitive and bears confinement well although like all chickens it is best suited to being free ranged. … Clearly going to be a hen